Cutlery Drawer

Cutlery Drawer

When the sink was replaced in the galley it was difficult to get one of the original size so a deeper one was installed which meant loosing one of the drawers underneath it.

There was a blank panel just underneath the companionway which had potential as it had a clear space behind it at the top of the engine compartment.

The hole was cut and a drawer made to fit. Its supported from behind and there is a lip on the lower edge of the hole so that when the drawer is closed its retained. To open it you lift up then pull out.

Drawer in the Aft Cabin

Drawer added in Aft Cabin

Access to the storage underneath the berths in the aft cabin was difficult when the berth was in use. As the sleeping area is made up using an inset, with it removed there is a U shaped section which forms the under berth storage.

As you can see from the photo we cut holes in the facing of the port and starboard under berth storage and fitted drawers on runners again with support behind.

This gave us two large drawers which were a great asset, and made the storage more accessible